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Solbern has truly earned a place in the Food Industry as an innovator in design and fabrication of Food Processing Equipment. The founder of the company, Mr. Bernard Eisenberg, designed many of the models still used today in the Canning Industry. His ingenuity, dedication, tenacity and hard work created not only unique equipment solutions but instilled a work ethic in the Solbern staff that is still evident today. We honor his work and achievements, as well as the achievements of those who followed in his footsteps.

Solbern is located in Fairfield, New Jersey, where all of Solbern equipment is carefully designed and crafted by our dedicated staff. Below are some historical momentos of those earlier days of our company.

Mr. Claude Tribert (first from left)
Mr. Bernard Eisenber (2nd from left)
Company Luncheon
Old Crew
Open Packer
Concept Design
Early Tumble Filler
Early Tumble Filler
At Assembly
Early Olive Packing Line

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A Markel Food Group Company